The meeting took place at CIM ORT school, in Mexico City, from October 28 to 31. More than 250 youngsters from 26 cities from around the world participated in it.  

From October 28  to 31, more than 200 youngsters gathered at the IV World Youth Meeting organized by Scholas and World ORT.  


Boys from different cultures, religions, languages, both from public and private schools, confessional and secular, from 14 to 18 years old, met for four intense days at the Israelite College of Mexico CIM ORT. Starting from their differences, they worked together to renew the education they were receiving and to shape the world agenda with their own perspective.  

Assistants came from Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Colombia, Spain, United States, Haiti, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Mozambique, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Portugal, Dominican Republic and South Africa, among others. 

This young people were inspired by the richness of Mexican culture through their music, food, history, dances and their iconic landmarks. Thus, they visited Teotihuacán pyramids and attended a folk show. Then they shared the customs and cultures of their own countries.  

At the same time, an educational path began with them in which, through painting, photography, music, thought and play spaces, they discovered the gaze and the art of being an educator, and they learned educational methodologies that then applied on the last day of the meeting with kids between six and ten years old. 

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